Thursday, September 23, 2010

Finally back folks!

Okay so just to be honest, I did start this blog just to prove a point to Riley. That point was that he cannot control whether or not I will become a blogging wife. (I didn't really have any intentions of becoming one but after looking at all of my cousin's blogs, I kind of like the idea now.)

So to catch you up on things that have happened with us since the wedding shenanigans, I am just going to bullet point all of the significant events since then for you here:
- Went on a quick weekend honeymoon in Park City
- Moved into Cambridge Court Apartments
- Moved OUT of Cambridge Court Apartments
~ When doing so, Riley had quite a funny accident as seen below

Yup Riley nailed the clearance bar with a moving truck.
- We moved into Riley's grandmother's house in Springville, Utah.
- We visited my best friend Kaity Word down in Vegas before she left on her mission.
- We joined a co-ed softball team (aside from Riley's two other teams) and only played one game because the team was pretty pathetically bad.
- Riley's license got suspended. And it still is. Long story.
- I got double-cast in a play at BYU playing a Russian girl (Olga) and a skank (Linda).
- Riley went to Portland, Oregon (my place of birth) on a work trip.
And here we are now.

We are still eagerly awaiting the completion of our home that is being built in Provo. It should now officially be done by October 15th. Here are some progression photos:

Well, there is still more to be done on the outside (finishing and staining the timbers on the front porch, pouring cement for walkway and driveway, landscaping, etc.) but I will post more pictures when things start happening.

Yes, you may be saying that I am a spoiled brat getting all of this as a brand new wife but let me say this: 1. I know. 2. I feel very blessed to have such a hard-working and determined husband and I would be perfectly content living with him in a cheap dingy apartment forever if it meant we were in it together.

My next post will hopefully have some of our wedding photos that we recently received so be looking forward to that! (We got some great candid shots!)