Friday, May 17, 2013

3 more weeks! AHH! and Vegas Baby Shower

So the day is getting closer and the preparations for baby Bentley are in full swing. We finally have a car seat so we can bring the little one home. He has a crib with a mattress and a sheet to sleep on but nothing for sleeping in mommy's room when we bring him home. Hopefully that will get here early next week. :-) As for the nursery, we have updated it so I thought I would show a few pictures of the progress. Most things aren't hung on walls yet and we are still getting a feel for the placement of things but are pretty sure this is how it will be situated...

and no that is not a mini crib for a teddy bear, that is a super massive teddy bear overfilling the regular sized crib. Don't worry the teddy will find a new home shortly.

Here is a picture of how I have started to organize the closet... It will probably change another 10 times before the baby is born. Unless he is born tomorrow. Then it might just change twice.

 These sport portraits will be hung above the dresser but since Riley was in Florida when I was laying things out I just set them on the dresser for now.

Okay and then this last photo is one that I saw on pinterest of some cute shelves made with vinyl rain gutters! I loved the idea and since we don't really have many books anyway, I figured this would be a cute way of displaying the books in the nursery. I am just painting my shelves today so I will post a picture of them hanging in the nursery later (probably after everything else is hung on the walls.) I plan to put the shelves above the rocking chair.

Also, this last weekend for Mother's Day I had the privilege of going to Las Vegas to be with my mom and family. While down there, my best friend Cena threw me a baby shower so here are a few pictures from that. It was so cute and we had a blast!

I realize that I don't have any photos that I took with the people there so I will have to get those from Cena later. It seriously was a such a fun party and I am so grateful for all the wonderful friends and family that came! I hope you all know how much that meant to me! I love you!!!

Now just for a little funny photo... 

while in Vegas, my mom cleaned my teeth and I saw this plate on display in my dad's office that made me laugh. Yes I drew it all by myself back when I was seven. It is a portrait of me sitting in the dental chair with my dad standing beside me. Not to be confused with a pile of poo puddling on the floor beneath me as my dad pats me on the back. Thanks to my husband for maturely pointing that out.


  1. Super Cute!! The nursery looks great!! Can't wait for your little one to get here!!

  2. loving the nursery! love you!!!